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Handmade Butterflies

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Georgeous Real life Countryside Butterfly 6cm & 7cm width feather
Our range of 6cm and 7cm handmade feather butterflies provide ideal materials for Bridal decoration , Cake decoration , Millinery and even Home furnishings. The butterflies are mounted on fine pliable wires , however these can easily be removed should they not be the choice of mounting. Mouseover the smaller thumbnails below to get a larger image of some of the designs currently available.

  6cm Tiger Vein Feather Butterflies 6cm Large Pastel Glitter Feather Butterflies Stunning 6cm Royal Spot Butteflies 6cm Large Pastel Glitter Feather Butterflies 7cm Sherbet Shimmer Feather Butterflies  

These beautiful feather butterflies are handmade from the finest goose feathers , sterilised and coloured before being hand decorated and assembled into the stunning designs shown above.
All feather butterflies come mounted onto a fine wire which can easily be removed if your application demands.

The butterflies are packed in lightweight cardboard and acetate display boxes to protect them during shipment , but you will be pleasantly surprised how robust they can be.

 6cm Feather Butterflies
The 6cm size of butterflies is currently available in three stunning designs , Tiger Vein , Large Pastel Glitter to match our 4cm design , and the truly luxurious bright Royal Spot. The new 7cm wonderful Sherbet Shimmer is truly stunning with a matching 5cm size to complete your projects.
We make them available to you in individual colours or assorted packs for each range.
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 Other Craft items
We also offer numerous Craft items to compliment our Butterflies , you will find anything from the latest range of adhesive materials , through fabric and plastic embellisments , to satin ribbon bows and fabric hearts.
We have many exclusive lines imported direct from China and the Far East and we are constantly looking for new ranges to add unusual items for your various Craft projects. Please take a look at our new range of diamonte buckles/sliders , now very popular for wedding stationery and provide an excellent co-ordinate to the butterflies. More info